Microdosing – Everyone’s Guide to Cannabis 

“I haven’t smoked since the 70’s,” Alice stated as she closed her eyes and breathed in the aroma from the beautiful green buds being passed around in little vintage Japanese dishes. “But I do love the smell!” she exclaimed. Her smile, widening as she set the dish back on the table.

Alice is a massage therapist in her late sixties who knows that she, like many people, can benefit from using cannabis but has no clue where to begin. “It’s so much different now than it was back in my day. Whatever you got, well, that was it- and the only way to consume it was to roll it up or put it in a pipe and smoke it! No fancy chocolates, teas or topical creams.” She said as she rubbed some Topical Way CBD cream on her sore wrist.

My how things have changed!

“It’s overwhelming to me, I just want to be told what to use and how to use it.” Alice laughed, “I don’t drink caffeine or eat sugar. I take good care of myself and I want to make pot my thing.”

Legal cannabis is intimidating to many people, including long-time cannabis users like myself. At our in-home party series, Shindigs, we showcase a variety of modern cannabis products that are available in recreational stores, offering a more personalized pot experience.

julia shindig-20

We feature carefully curated, high quality flower to take our guests through a cannabis tasting using dry-leaf vaporizers.

I know what you’re thinking… “How do you do a cannabis tasting without getting totally ripped?”

In order to ease our guests into the experience, we use a method called microdosing with all THC products. This allows everyone to achieve a desired effect without overdoing it.


Microdosing is consuming small quantities of THC, usually measuring in 5-10mg.

Consuming in such small amounts allows someone to experience the essence of a strain while still being able to maintain a delightfully mellow buzz sans paranoia or lethargy.

This method facilitates a  high that becomes an afterthought or a background buzz, allowing you to stay present in whatever moment you’re in versus being too stoned to enjoy it.

Microdosing is the most effective way to achieve the most desirable effects of a strain because cannabis is actually bi-modal; meaning at a low dose you get one effect and at high dose you get an opposite effect.

What are the benefits of microdosing?

Much like taking a vitamin to boost energy or avoid getting sick, microdosing with cannabis can help manage stress or anxiety.

Consuming small amounts of cannabis regularly can also help your body recover faster from workouts. Many people are still weary about the effects of THC in their system because of the psychotropic effects that it has on the brain.

For this reason, the benefits of THC are largely downplayed or avoided. But we shouldn’t fear THC…

THC is the one Cannabinoid that crosses the blood brain barrier- this attribute is why THC can have a strong positive impact on symptoms and conditions, especially those related to nerves. THC and CBD combined will provide the most enriching effects.

What is your intention?

Do you want to fall asleep faster? Curb anxiety? Recover from a workout? Fight depression?

Practicing mindful consumption is the basis for safe and responsible cannabis use.

Whether it’s for recreational or medicinal purposes, an intention is always the best place to start. Picking the right strain or product will be much easier after you understand your need.

Mindful consumption will also help you understand what products or strains work best for you, how long it takes to feel the effect and how long your buzz will last. Cannabis is not one-size fits all, it’s a very personal relationship that is different for everyone.

What are ways to microdose?

You can microdose with a variety of different cannabis products and consumption methods. Here are some that might work for you. 

Dry Leaf Vaporizer: If dry flower or “bud” is your thing, try using a dry leaf vaporizer. Many people are drawn to vaporizing vs. smoking because research shows it’s one of the healthiest ways to consume because it’s a “smokeless” method. Combusting cannabis creates toxins that irritate respiratory system. Since vaporizing heats cannabis at a much lower temperature, it doesn’t combust. Gently heating cannabis at a lower temperature releases cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor without the harmful carcinogens. It’s also important to choose high quality flower if you’re vaping.

We love Soulshine Cannabis because their product is AMAZING and they use 100% compostable packaging and donate a portion of their sales to Emerald City Pet Rescue. So. Much. Awesomeness. 


Edibles: If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, edibles are a great way to microdose because they’re already properly dosed out for you, like 4.20 bars from Evergreen Herbal. If you’re new to edibles, take yourself through a little Edibles 101. Although unlikely, we wouldn’t want you to end up on a bad brownie trip. 


Beverages: Caffeine and cannabis can be a match made in heaven, especially when the match is artisan herbal tea made with high quality ingredients. I love sipping on Green Jasmine High Tea  for an afternoon pick me up with a twist. Like edibles, beverages have a slow, subtle onset. Start slow and wait until you understand your threshold.


How do I get started?

According to our dear friends at the CPC in Washington State, here are some great pointers to get started on your microdosing journey.

  • Decide which method of consumption you want to use. Plan to ingest only 2-5mg of THC when you’re first starting out.
    • Pro Tip: Consume some healthy fat along with it to activate digestion. If you’re using a dry leaf vaporizer, use it at med-low temperature setting and take 2-5 pulls. If you’re not seeing vapor, don’t worry, that’s totally normal- you are still consuming cannabinoids.
  • Do not consume any more than the original dose. If you do not feel anything, wait until a different day to try again.
  • Each day, try increasing your dose of THC by a small amount. Follow the same steps and note the effects
  • As you feel that you are starting to move past a space of enrichment, and towards a space of impairment, stop increasing your dose. This means you have determined your psychotropic threshold. You now know the level at which you reach an undesirable effect, and can avoid it in the future.
  • Repeat the process using microdoses of CBD alone or CBD and THC.
  • Keeping a journal will also help you become an expert on your own journey with cannabis. Mindful, responsible consumption is key to gaining the maximum benefits cannabis has to offer. 
    • Pro Tip: Use a journal like the Nutty Notebook to track time until onset, duration, type of effect, maximum dose

Microdosing is a great way to explore your relationship with cannabis and more importantly with yourself. If you live in a state where it has been legalized, getting started is easy. This journey should be fun and empowering. Legal cannabis shops want you to have the best experience possible so if you aren’t sure about something be sure to ask questions!

Have you tried microdosing with cannabis before? What is your experience? We want to know all about it!