5 Reasons To Keep a Strain Journal

Legal weed is overwhelming – Ask anyone who has been into a recreational store.

There are hundreds of different items in endless cases and the quality and products are different in every shop. In Washington State, there are over one thousand producers and processors. To put that in perspective – that’s more than the breweries and wineries in Washington State combined.

How do you decide which brands and products you love best? Well, that’s the fun part – tasting! Like wine and beer, cannabis comes in many different varieties. Like developing your preference for cabernet over merlot or a lager over an I.P.A. – you will decide which flavors and effects you love and why.

While you can’t venture off to your local recreational store for a tasting (yet), you can keep a journal of tasting notes to cite experiences and effects.

Marijuana Journal

Here are five reasons to start recording your cannabis journey today!

1. Mindful Consumption

Why am I choosing to imbibe? Probably not a question a lot of us ask ourselves, but one that we absolutely should. Would you take a pain reliever if you weren’t experiencing pain? Or make a doctor’s appointment for no reason? Tracking your trips will help you establish a connection between the what and the why whether you’re looking to chill out after a long day at work or relieve pain from a chronic condition, taking control of your journey will only enhance your experience with the herb.

2. Find your Favorites

We all have favorites. Favorite restaurant, favorite brewery, favorite work out, favorite designer… Our lives are built on our preferences. In this newly legal market it can be tough to pin down which brands you love because once you’re finished with that preroll or move flower into a stash jar for preservation, the packaging disappears from your stash box and if you’re like me, from your brain – like immediately. By giving your favorite grower some real estate in your journal, you’ll remember who to gravitate to the next time you pop into The Evergreen Market or your favorite local shop.

3. The Strain Game

Modern cannabis culture is still taking shape, which means more products, strains and accessories are coming out all the time. According to Leafly, there are 779 known strains. How are we supposed to know which strains make us feel content on our couch with our favorite blanket or which ones send us into a paranoid frenzy? While you can usually narrow down which type you prefer (check out our guides here), it can be really tricky to remember which strains gave you what effect.  By tracking your trip, you can remember if it was Lemon OG or Cookies n’ Cream that made your afternoon walk super dreamy.

4. Save Money

Like fine wine, great beer and designer shoes, pot comes at a cost. There are value brands and high end brands; companies that use pesticides and companies that don’t. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you’re getting high quality product every time you go to the store. The growing, curing and storage processes are not the same for every grower and there’s nothing worse than opening up a bag of dry weed or eating an edible that had no affect on you. By logging your purchases, you’re more likely to learn from your experiences and less likely to fall victim to bad bud. Find what products bring you the most value so you can feel good about your splurge.

Cannabis Strain Journal

5. Become an Expert on You

You are the expert on yourself. You know what music you like, what foods you like.  You know when it’s OK to imbibe and when you should take a day off. By learning what strains, brands and products work best for you, you can then develop a better relationship with yourself. Being prescriptive can provide so many wellness benefits, whether it’s to help with anxiety, really just let loose or even lose weight. Legalization gives us the opportunity to use cannabis to enhance ourselves. Are you ready to start tracking your cannabis journey?

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