3 Ways to Enjoy Pot with your Partner

I‘ve been with my husband for seven years and we are both big fans of cannabis for wellness and recreation use.

When we first started dating, it was a really fun way for us to connect and get to know each other – it played the roll in our lives as alcohol does for most and has continued to be a catalyst for fun in our relationship.

It’s something special that we can share together like a movie or a bottle of wine.

We both look forward to using cannabis together after a long day and since legalization, we’ve really had a great time experimenting with how we can use cannabis in different ways to spice up our relationship.

If you’re a long time cannabis connoisseur or just beginning to dabble in the recreational market, here are three ways that you can incorporate cannabis into your relationship:

1. Naughty by Nature

Looking for a way to seriously spice up your sex life? Allow me introduce you to CBD body oil.

Yes, it’s a thing, and a freaking awesome one at that.

Look no further than your local recreational store. Brands like Ethos, Bond and Foria Pleasure are captivating pleasure-seekers with stimulating cannabis oil.

Unlike the garbage you might find at your local drug store (yes, I’m talking about KY), these products are made up of just a few natural ingredients.

Apply to your nether regions 20-30 minutes before you’re ready to get busy and enjoy completely mind-blowing intensity. You can also use the body oil for massage and other foreplay fun.


2. Take me to the Pictures

What is more fun than a good old fashioned night at the movies? A good old fashioned night at the movies PLUS an edible!

There’s something about a dark theater, booming surround sound and the smell of popcorn, right?

Plan a date to the movies and enjoy a couple of edibles beforehand to make it all the more epic. I recommend taking two 10mg servings of your favorite edible (preferably made with a sativa strain) right before you enter the theater.

This will give you enough time to order your favorite snacks and find a decent seat. You should feel them start to kick in right after the previews and then ride the wave for the duration of the show.

By the time the movie ends, you’ll be on the tail end of your buzz.

Check out Spot Chocolates or Goodship cookies as they are available in most stores in the Washington area. Our favorite shop is The Evergreen Market in Renton & Auburn because it’s so female-friendly and comfortable.


3. Smoke A Doobie

Yeah I said it.

Want to relive your rebellious teen years as a responsible adult? Well you can, thanks to i502. With a plethora of pre-rolls and flower, you can buy a joint or everything you need to impress your partner with your own rolling skills.

There’s something still so fun and sneaky about smoking a joint together.

We always try to make an event out of it, just like opening a bottle of wine or putting on a new dress. I suggest planning a beautiful night in with a nice dinner, your favorite beverage and music.

We love sharing a joint after dinner and taking an evening stroll. Hold hands, giggle, kiss, be cute, as cheesy as it sounds, sharing cannabis together can help let your guard down and melt away from the stress of the daily grind that many couples endure.

Taking a little mind vacation together can help you recharge and reconnect.  I’m still nuts about Mad Mark’s Black Cherry Soda hybrid strain.


Of course, mindful, safe consumption is the key to a fun and pleasurable trip.

I’ve found that letting go together is a great way of keeping things in perspective and lightening up the stress of life.

If you’re interested in tips on how to introduce cannabis into your relationship or you have any specific questions, please contact us below!