CBD- The Greatest Benefit of Legal Weed

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of 113 active cannabinoids in cannabis. Praised for its all natural relief properties, many people are turning to it to help fight ADD, inflammation, anxiety and much more.

CBD-rich and CBD-dominant products are a great introduction to cannabis for those who are apprehensive about “getting stoned.” These products will give you an anxiety-free trip because they have no psychoactive effects.

Yup, that’s right, you can turn up with CBD and reap all the benefits of a relaxed body high without feeling paranoid or anxious. With the help of our friends at The Evergreen Market, we tried out some of the most popular products available on the shelf.

1. Swifts Green Tea CBD Mints


Cost: $40.00 | 20 Mints | 100mg CBD, 4mg THC

The perfect mix of green tea and peppermint energize your taste buds as they melt the day away, leaving you deliciously free. These award winning mints are easy to travel with and pop in your mouth before arriving to the mother in-law’s for Christmas ham.

Nutty Recommendation: These are the BOMB after an intense workout or as a super fun replacement for your afternoon coffee.

2. Slip CBD Breath Strip by Oakor


Cost: $6.00 | 1 strip | 10mg CBD

Stay fresh and chill AF. Just let it dissolve under the tongue and wait a few minutes to feel a certain ease set in. Since it’s a sublingual product (under the tongue), the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream for a fast effect.

Nutty Recommendation: Keep this stashed somewhere safe like your wallet- they’re sold individually and can be easy to lose or accidentally thrown away.

3. Enchantmint CBD  Breath Spray by NW Wonderland 


Cost: $55.00 | 100 mg Tube | 3mg CBD / spritz

Another discreet and sublingual product to deliver the many benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive side effects. Simply spray, wait to feel the effects, and then customize your experience by having a few more spritz, if needed.

Nutty Recommendation: A great gift to deliver the perfect micro-dose of CBD for your canna-curious friends and family.

4. Spot CBD Dark Chocolate


Cost: $45.00 | 10 pieces | 10 mg each

Spot uses all natural ingredients and makes all of their products from scratch. Expert bakers and chocolatiers measure, mix, expertly prepare and package edibles every day in their Seattle bakery. These come on so gently and work so well that I would recommend them to my grandma.

Nutty Recommendation: Wait at least an hour to feel the effect. If you’re already experienced with CBD, take two.

5. Legal Peace Tonic by Mirth Provisions


Cost: $30.00 | 11.5 oz, | 4 – 10 mg CBD servings

This delicious drink is equal parts THC and equal parts CBD which gives you a happy, euphoric buzz. A perfect drink for the ladies to ease PMS symptoms. The THC will help to improve your mood while the CBD will relieve your physical ailments. Also- it’s way more fun than cranberry juice.

Nutty Recommendation: Drink this over ice with sparkling water for a delicious cannacocktail!

6. Dank Chocolate Syrup by Craft Elixirs


Cost: $45.00 | 6 oz | 24 – 2 mg CBD servings

Craft Elixirs has made it their mission to create flavors that will surprise even the most sophisticated palette. A perfectly decadent treat for settling into the couch and watching your favorite movie. Christmas Vacation, anyone?

Nutty Recommendation: Use it to take your hot chocolate to the next level.

7. Bond Sensual Oil


Cost: $39.00 | 1 oz | 150mg THC

BOND makes you want to skip the mistletoe and head straight for the bedroom. It goes without saying the products we invite into the bedroom must be safe, natural and sexy. BOND covers all of those bases with gorgeous packaging and the finest organic ingredients, making it the perfect gift for you and your lover. Be sure to follow the directions and prepare to take your sex life to the next level.

Nutty Recommendation: Indulge with yourself the first time and get your body used to the sensation!

All featured CBD products were purchased from our friends at The Evergreen Market ! Be sure to check out their award winning shops in Auburn and Renton.

To learn more about CBD and the benefits, please visit www.ProjectCBD.Org.

There are many more CBD products available on the market – this is just a taste! Comment below with some of your favorites and recommendations.

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