What to Look for At your Local Rec Store

During a recent trip to visit producers Northwest Connoisseurs, we had an opportunity to speak with their team about how to know if you’re consuming high quality bud. In addition to unmeasurable variables such as love, passion and care, there are clear cut processes that ensure an excellent quality product.

Here are 3 things to look for the next time you’re ready to replenish your supply:

1. Pesticide Free, Please

In this age of information, we know that pesticides are harmful to our health. Because cannabis is still federally illegal, the FDA can’t regulate cannabis or certify it as organic to ensure that harmful chemicals are not being used during the growing process. According to an article posted by Merry Jane, there are still harmful chemicals being used in cultivation and the effects can contribute to harmful diseases such as cancer and liver disease. Be sure to ask your budtender for natural, pesticide free brands.

2. Quality is Key

A newly legal market means an influx of new products on the market, which also means that many producers are taking shortcuts to get their product to market faster. Skipping important processes like flushing is not ok because it’s meant to rid the cannabis of any laden nutrient build up. Flushing is kind of like using a clarifying shampoo after taking a swim in chlorine- it eliminates any potentially harmful deposits leftover from the nutrients. Flower that has been flushed will not crackle when you smoke it and it burns down to white ash. Unflushed cannabis will be harder to light and burn to black ash. Don’t be afraid to tell them you are looking for top quality flower from producers who don’t take shortcuts.

3. PreRolled what ?

While joints are a staple product in the cannabis community, some pre-rolled joints that are available in your local recreational store are a gamble. They’re easy to share with a group, they’re discreet and disposable but consumers run the risk of smoking some pretty low grade cannabis when it comes to pre-rolls. Many producers use shake and trim in their pre-roll joints, causing consumers to suffer headaches and excessive coughing. Producers like Solstice Cannabis, Vashon Velvet and Northwest Connoisseurs all use the same flower that they package as they do to roll up. Ask your budtender if their store carries pre-rolled joints that contain high quality bud to ensure a clean smoke.

As the industry matures, it will be easier to decipher top, middle and bottom shelf cannabis such as it is in the beverage industry. Bottom shelf liquor can give you a nasty hangover just like bottom shelf cannabis can give you an unpleasant high. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, research your producers and keep track of your purchases. Doing these simple things will help you stay mindful of what you’re putting in your body.