10 Pieces That Double As Art

I have an affinity for pipes, bongs and bubblers because I’m a flower girl. Nothing makes me happier than lighting up a fresh bowl at night after a long day but when choosing your piece,  function is key.

There is nothing worse than accidentally inhaling bong water or getting ash in your mouth from your pipe because of poor design. Or being forced to buy a cheap piece with Bob Marley’s face because you’ve lost your pipe and it’s your only option at the recreational store (this actually happened to me).

To save you from heartache and cliche’ Rastafarian accessories, we’ve  compiled a list of 10 cool and unique cannabis accessories that double as art.

Each piece is credited with the artist, how much it cost and where you can purchase – just in time for the holidays!

Patina Lighter Case

patina-lighter-case.pngArtist: Cofield | How Much: $180 | Shop: Tetra

Tilt Ash Tray

tilt-tray-nuttyArtist: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio | How Much: $57 | Shop: Tetra

Sunburst Clip

sunburst-smokers-clip-nuttyArtist: Erin Rose Gardner | How Much: $140 | Shop: High Society Collection

Ceramic Cactus Chillum

blog-imageArtist: Lilah ShepardHow Much: $72 | Shop: Catchtilly

Slow Moves

Nutty_PiecesArt_BenSanders.pngArtist: Ben Sanders | How Much: $350 | Shop Exclusively:  Summerland

Pattern Pipe

pattern-pipe-nuttyArtist: Dana Bechert | How Much: $160 | Shop:  Tetra

Holiday Geo Medium Pipe

medium-geo-pipe-.pngArtist: Ariel Zimman | How Much: $160 $100 | Shop Exclusively:  Stonedware

Ombre Pipe

obre-pipe-for-post.pngArtist: Haciendaware | How Much: $90 | Shop: Catchtilly

Balance Pipe

balance-pipe-nutty.pngArtist: Jamie Wolfond | How Much: $65 | Shop Exclusively: Tetra

Shine 24K Gold Woven Wrap

shine-blunt-wrap-nutty.pngHow Much: $25 | Shop: Shine®

Art + Cannabis are both meant to enhance our lives. Gorgeous pieces like these also make wonderful gifts for the cannabis connoisseur in your life. So do your bud some justice and pair it with an artful piece.

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