Bye Bye Sunday Blues

It’s Sunday night. You’ve finished all your chores, done your shopping for the week and have a nice dinner roasting in the oven. You might even be giving yourself a pat on the back- and you should, because you’re on top of your shit. You’ll settle into the couch to watch your favorite HBO lineup and suddenly it sinks in- the bitter reality that tomorrow is Monday and you have to go back to work.

Before you start reeling over questions like “Should I be doing something different with my life?” or “What does work even mean?”- Stop and take comfort in knowing that over 75% of Americans feel the same way on Sunday night.

While it may not be possible to change your Monday through Friday situation, there are certainly things you can do to keep Sunday night anxiety at bay so you can spend your last few hours of the weekend in peace. 

  1. Make a list for Monday and prioritize important tasks. Call the client that you didn’t have a chance to get to the previous week or start working on the presentation that you’ve been procrastinating. Whatever it is that’s creeping into your headspace on Sunday night will seem less daunting if you take control over it with your mighty pen and paper.
  2. Get a jump start on emails, but don’t worry about responding. Instead of worrying about how flooded your inbox has gotten during your 62 hours of freedom, open it up. Set aside some time to go through and flag the emails you want to get to first thing. When you know the most “urgent” items in your inbox, you can sleep well knowing exactly what’s coming on Monday morning and even contemplate how you’ll respond on your way into work.
  3. Lay your clothes out the night before. This might sound a little elementary but try planning your Monday wardrobe on Sunday evening. Not only does this relieve the stress of getting ready in the morning, but being prepared can also help relieve work night worries. Bonus points if you pack your lunch, too!
  4. Put your phone down. I repeat. Put. Your. Phone. Down. Anxiety strikes when we’re not busy and when we’re not busy many of us can be found mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds. Reviewing everyone’s weekends, vacations and cries for help in the form of work out selfies can add a whole new element of emotional anxiety to our evenings. So once you’re set up for Monday success, part ways with your phone and be in the moment.
  5. Relax with a bowl instead of a glass. While drinking 5oz of wine can help relieve stress, it can also be disruptive to a  good night’s sleep and the more you drink the more dramatic the effect. If you’re nearing your bedtime, try winding down with a nice indica dominant strain. The effects of indica will relax your mind and body instead of amping it up, helping to curb anxious thoughts. Using cannabis to relieve the Sunday night blues will put you into a peaceful state helping you rest up for the workweek ahead without disrupting your sleep. Not a fan of the evening toke? Try using a vaporizer or tincture in a hot cup of herbal tea.

Small adjustments to your routine and the right strain of cannabis can help keep anxiety from ruining your last stretch of freedom- so take some steps to develop your own routine,  swap your evening glass of wine for weed and show Monday who’s boss.

Besides, you should really be watching Westworld stoned. Comment below with any tips you practice on Sunday night to start your week off right!