Why the Stigma?

I‘ve spent most of my adult life using cannabis – smoking weed to be exact. I’m a flower girl, I love to smoke out of my bubbler, a nice little bong, or roll up a joint joint. I started smoking regularly after I graduated high school and realized that I loved it – weed is for me. But I’ve kept my enthusiasm and relationship with cannabis on the down-low my whole life. My close girlfriends know, and of course my husband, who also indulges with me, but it’s not something I care to share openly. In fact, when most people find out that I use cannabis, they’re surprised. I mean, you can’t be a successful woman talking about marijuana use- what if my coworkers find out? How would my family feel? Smoking weed isn’t lady-like, what will they think?

This identity crisis is all too real for women worried about being judged for their cannabis use.

I have a great family, a challenging career and I take care of my business. I love shopping a Nordstrom sale, practicing hot yoga and wine tasting. I don’t fit the mold of “stoner chick” nor would I want to.

Cannabis is a part of my life but it doesn’t define who I am. I find that I have this in common with all the women in my life who use cannabis.

In this glorious age of information we know that no one has fatally overdosed on marijuana, we know that the war on drugs is a massive failure and we know that weed is actually medicine – it’s totally fucking awesome. So what’s the big deal? Why are women still in the cannabis closet?

While working on Nutty, we were researching women and their relationship with weed and found nothing from a woman’s perspective. To save you time, don’t bother googling “women who smoke weed” or “girls who use cannabis.” Because all you’ll see is “hot stoner girl,” a myth created by Hollywood and male stoner culture so that young women can aspire to be that while going through the inevitable “cool girl” phase. To the average consumer, stoner culture is not something you’d want to be associated with.

But here’s the reality – Using cannabis recreationally doesn’t make you a stoner just like having a glass of wine with dinner doesn’t make you an alcoholic.

There’s a shade of shame that comes along with it that I think all women who use or want to use cannabis can relate to – especially from other women. Which is why we’ve got to talk about the benefits!

Share your secret recipes, favorite strains, shops and accessories. We have a wonderful opportunity to mold cannabis culture into something positive that brings women together.