Girl’s Guide to Hybrids

What is a Hybrid?

Hybrids, where do we begin? You get the best of both worlds. They’re dynamic and complex just like your beautiful mind. Hybrids listen to gangster rap on the way to yoga. Hybrids love to party but also love to be in bed by midnight.

They’re ambiverts, they’re smart and beautiful, introspective and vivacious. Hybrids have it all and so can you.

Benefits of Hybrids

There are so many benefits from using hybrids it might be impossible to list them all. Hybrids are special because you really get to customize a more complex high. You can use a hybrid when you’re recovering after an intense workout, relaxing with the family, feeling anxious or fighting a migraine. Hybrids can increase your sex drive and then help you fall asleep.

Think of anything that you want to do- there is a hybrid for that.

Strains We Love 

When you want to cry and eat a soft pretzel, we love Blue Dream, the hottest strain on the West Coast. When you’re moody as fuck and you’re wondering if you might actually be crazy- stop, drop and roll up a joint. You’re not crazy, you’re a woman. This will help you get through the day like a normal human. PRO TIP: We recommend this in the afternoon, if you smoke this late at night, you could find yourself up with the munchies. 

Can I kick it? Yes you can if you bring over some of that Platinum Girl Scout Cookie. This is one we love to sit around the fire with this as we melt into our camping chairs. It’s a great conversation starter and super relaxing at the same time. We’re always down for this Hybrid. PRO TIP: Smoke this with the group before you play Card Against Humanity.

Dutch Treat is our go to for brainstorming sessions, long walks or coffee with friends.  PRO TIP: Clean your piece before you try this one because it is damn tasty.

You can always ask your budtender for recommendations if your rec shop doesn’t carry a particular strain that you’re looking for. Now that you know more about heavenly hybrids, aka your everything enhancer, you’re ready to shop. Keep in mind that hybrids can be indica dominant, sativa dominant or 50/50, so experiment with strains until you find the one that’s juuuust right!

Blog image courtesy of our amazing and talented friend, Angella – owner of AngelopeDesign.