Girl’s Guide to Sativa

What is Sativa?

Sativa is the espresso of weed. It’s your sidekick when you’re looking to get shit done. Your morning coffee, your dance soundtrack, your running shoes, your study buddy. Sativa is your number one fan! Sativa believes in you, and so do we!

Sativa is the sunshine that brightens your morning when you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

Benefits of Sativa

From cleaning the house to baking 250 cookies for your school fundraiser, Sativa is there to give you a swift kick in the pants so you can the work done with a smile on your face. In addition to helping you stay productive, Sativa strains can also help lift you out of depression, channel creativity and focus. Whether you’re working against a deadline or need a little pick me up, Sativa has your back.

Strains We Love

Let’s get lifted, ladies!

Stay clear and focused with Cinex. We love it when we’re ready to sit down and work on creative tasks, writing and art. Keep the haters at bay because this shit is good vibes only. PRO TIP: Have a bowl with your morning coffee for an extra happy buzz.

Wake up to a messy kitchen? Before you freak out, smoke out with Green Crack (I know, we hate the name but love the strain, what can you do?). You’ll have those dirty dishes done and breakfast ready in no time- better yet, you’ll have it done with a smile on your face. You are wonderwoman and green crack is your magic lasso. PRO TIP: If you’re prone to paranoia, this might not be for you. Write down your task list before you smoke and tackle it after so you can focus your energy.

Looking for a cerebral buzz? Turn up with Sour Diesel aka Party Pot. We love getting lifted with Sour D because it’s so social. You’ll feel happy and chill without suffering the effects of couch lock or paranoia. Excellent for a picnic with friends or a John Mayer concert. PRO TIP: Bring a preroll to the party so everyone can get on your level – even Debbie Downer.

You can always ask your budtender for recommendations if your rec shop doesn’t carry a particular strain that you’re looking for. These are just some tips to start! Now that you know more about sunny Sativa aka your partner in crime, you’re ready to shop and get lifted to a whole new level.

Blog image courtesy of our amazing and talented friend, Angella – owner of AngelopeDesign.