Girl’s Guide to Indica

What is Indica?

Indica is the snuggie of weed. It’s is your glass of red wine, your favorite netflix show, your long bubble bath. Indica is your night time buddy, it’s the hater button on your phone, the pint of Ben & Jerry’s you’ve been saving in your freezer.

That’s right, Indica is all about that low key Friday night in. So take off your pants and order a pizza, because you had a long ass week and you deserve it.

Benefits of Indica

From forgetting about the patriarchy to curbing mad PMS symptoms, the indica strains give you that IDGAF effect so you can relax. Indica strains can also be used to manage stress, pain, insomnia and even depression. So if you’re looking to catch up on some good old fashioned “me” time or in need of pain relief, Indica has your back.

Strains We Love

Put this in your pipe and smoke it.

We at Nutty are currently loving Granddaddy Purple for PMS symptoms and pain. If you’re feeling bitchy or just ready for a good night’s rest, this strain is really popular and easy to find at most stores. PRO TIP: Take your body high to the next level with a CBD bath soak.

Northern Lights is good one when you’re ready to sink into the couch, chill out and catch up on your favorite show. Forget about Janice in accounting, you have 36 episodes of House of Cards to watch. PRO TIP: Make sure you have a tasty beverage handy because once this kicks in it can give you serious dry mouth… and also you won’t want to get up from the couch.

Stressed out? Try winding down with God’s Gift– it’s going to relax you without fully putting you out. Awesome if you need time to yourself or if you want to chill with your significant other – sharing is caring after all. PRO TIP: #TakeAToot before dinner and be more impressed with your cooking skills than ever before.

You can always ask your budtender for Indica recommendations if your rec shop doesn’t carry a particular strain that you’re looking for. These are just some tips to start! Now that you know more about Indulgent Indica, aka your new best girl friend, you’re ready to snuggle up and chill out.

Blog image is courtesy of our amazing and talented friend, Angella – owner of AngelopeDesign.